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From Within, Britt Robertson
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From Within

From Within

USA | 89 minutes | Dolby 5.1

US Distributor: Lionsgate

Premiered at Tribeca Film Festival 2008

8 Films To Die For – Horrorfest IV

Reviews on Rotten Tomatoes

From Within Synopsis

All hell descends on the ultra religious Grovetown as a plague of seeming suicides threatens to decimate the population. As one by one her loved ones fall, Lindsay (Elizabeth Rice) realizes she must get to the heart of the mystery or face death herself. But is her only ally, the handsome, brooding loner Aidan (Thomas Dekker) all he claims to be and does the town harbor an occult secret, giving the lie to it’s pristine exterior?



Thomas Dekker

Britt Robertson

Adam Goldberg

Elizabeth Rice

Jared Harris

Rumer Willis


Director: Phedon Papamichael

Writer: Brad Keene

Producers: Chris Gibbin, Adrian Butchart