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As a cloud of mystery surrounds the sudden collapse of society in a not-too-distant future, sisters Nell (Ellen Page) and Eva (Evan Rachel Wood) find themselves shuttered in their home, surrounded by nothing but miles of dense forest in the Pacific Northwest. Isolated from the world around them, the sisters must fend for themselves, using the supplies and food reserves they have before turning to the forest for what the earth will provide.

Into the Forest is brimming with suspense as the sisters navigate through uncharted territory, facing danger in the form of intruders, disease, loneliness and starvation. When days turn into weeks and soon, to months—Nell and Eva fall deeper into a primitive life that tests their instincts, endurance and bond. Ultimately, the sisters must work together to survive and learn to find comfort in each other and the happy family life they once shared.



Ellen Page – Nell

Evan Rachel Wood – Eva

Max Minghella – Eli

Callum Keith Rennie (50 SHADES OF GREY, WARCRAFT) – Robert



Writer / Director – Patricia Rozema

Based on the book “INTO THE FOREST” by Jean Hegland, translated into 12 languages.

Producers – Niv Fichman, Aaron Gilbert, Ellen Page

Executive Producers – Sriram Das, Haroon  Saleem, Steven Shapiro, Kelly Bush Novak, Jason Cloth




Toronto 2015 Special Presentations

Busan 2015 World Cinema

Sitges 2015 – Closing Night

Courmayeur 2015- Runner up ‘Premio Special’ (Special Award) with a consensus of 88%

Imagine film Festival Amsterdam 2016 – Winner- Black Tulip Award (Jury prize)
Past winners of the Black Tulip award include LET THE RIGHT ONE IN

Munich film festival 2016
Celsius – Atrium (Bling) France

Tech details – 101 mins/ 1.78/ Dolby SR


Certified Fresh


INTO THE FOREST is 79% Certified Fresh!


“One of the more intimate and thoughtful takes on the post-apocalypse in cinematic memory” New York Observer


“Wood and Page generate a believable, prickly sibling closeness in Rozema’s unhurried but harrowing micro-portrait of how easily civilization could crumble” New York Post


“Throughout, Page and Wood as Nell and Eva are realistically loving, annoying and loyal to one another, with every hug, push and pull both sisterly and fraught with the weight of shared history” Village Voice


“This isn’t torture-porn dystopia; it’s a singular, honest, heartfelt portrait of sisterly devotion at the end of the world.” L.A. Weekly

“Page and Wood, who are both in their upper 20s, hardly make for convincing teenagers, but they both lend weight to Eva and Nell’s sisterly bond as the two siblings slowly unravel” Entertainment Weekly


“Walks a blade’s edge between terrifying and uplifting… Rozema has a careful but unflinching eye when it comes to presenting the physical and emotional traumas the sisters experience” Los Angeles Times


“A strong, smart and moving end-of-the-world drama that is further bolstered by strong performances from co-stars Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood” RogerEbert.com


“An atypical disaster movie, less about the failure of technology than the failure – and perhaps the resurgence – of the human spirit in the face of that” Flick Filosopher


 “It’s an inspiring story, acted with heart and grit by Paige and Wood, and film directed with adroitness by Rozema in a ruin of a set in the woods” Screen International


“Into The Forest turns a profoundly human eye to what just may be the very end of humanity itself” The Playlist