Former Staff:


Calum Gray  [class of 2015-2017] left for a 2nd time [started his training at Celsius in 2008] joining
Embankment Films as Head of Sales. We wish him the very best.

Jack Burn [class of 2015] traveled around Japan after a stint at Celsius.

Maria Mendez
[class of 2014] continues to provide excellent script analysis and notes

Lucas Layer [class of 2014] is back at uni in France completing his business masters

Philippines Mignot [class of 2013-2014] qualified as a lawyer

Christina Berger [class of 2013-2014] is now at Sony DADC in London as Assistant Account Manager in the Censorship department

Geoffrey Bresnick [class of 2008-2013] is now writing and developing projects for TV

Suhaila Mahmoud [class of 2013] is working for Vue Cinemas and continuing her quest to become a producer

Matthieu Menard [class of 2012] has returned to Rouen Business School

Viviana Forziati [class of 2012] has returned to Italy and is a consultant to distributor Notorious and on occasion to Celsius

Igor Auzepy [class of 2011] is now a production assistant at Les Films du Poisson, Paris – Producer of ON TOUR

Calum Gray [class of 2008-10] moved to Independent Film Sales and has climbed the ladder.

Mario Cerna [class of 2007-11] is now a sales executive at Electric Sky

James Brown [class of 2006-7] is a buyer for Rialto, has set up his own distribution company House in the UK, and developed and produced STILL ALICE!

Tim Grohne [class of 2004-7] now runs his own distribution company Primal Screen after a stretch at IM Global

Alfred Chubb [class of 2004-6] now Head of Music at HTC Corporation after a stint as Head of Paramount Digital Europe